Learning and Courses / Free Software and web applications

This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaS providers. ---from github/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted

  • Canvas LMS - Canvas is the trusted, open-source learning management system (LMS) that is revolutionizing the way we educate. (DemoSource CodeAGPL-3.0 Ruby
  • Chamilo LMS - Chamilo LMS allows you to create a virtual campus for the provision of online or semi-online training. (Source CodeGPL-3.0 PHP
  • edX - The Open edX platform is open-source code that powers edX.org. (Source CodeAGPL-3.0 Python
  • ILIAS - ILIAS is the Learning Management System that can cope with anything you throw at it. (DemoSource CodeGPL-3.0 PHP
  • lxHive - Open Source ExperienceAPI compliant Learning Record Store (LRS) - previously code-named TinCanAPI. (Source CodeGPL-3.0 PHP
  • Mahara - Open Source fully featured web application to build students electronic portfolio. (Source CodeGPL-3.0 PHP
  • Moodle - Moodle is a learning and courses platform with one of the largest open source communities worldwide. (DemoSource CodeGPL-3.0 PHP
  • Open eClass - Open eClass is an advanced e-learning solution that can enhance the teaching and learning process. (DemoSource CodeGPL-2.0 PHP
  • RELATE - RELATE is a web-based courseware package, includes features such as: flexible rules, statistics, multi-course support, class calendar. (Source CodeMIT Python
  • RosarioSIS - RosarioSIS, free Student Information System for school management. (DemoSource CodeGPL-2.0 PHP
  • Sakai - The Sakai project provides a flexible and feature-rich environment for teaching, learning, research and other collaboration. (DemoSource CodeECL-2.0 Java
  • SchoolTool - SchoolTool is free administrative software for schools. It includes demographics, gradebook, attendance, calendaring, reporting and more for primary and secondary schools. (Source CodeGPL-2.0 Python