Office Suites / Free Software and web applications

This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaS providers. ---from github/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted

  • Collabora Online Development Edition - Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) is a powerful LibreOffice-based online office that supports all major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats, which you can integrate in your own infrastructure. (Source CodeMPL-2.0 C++
  • CryptPad - CryptPad is the zero knowledge realtime collaborative editor (rich-text, files, source-code, ...). (Source CodeAGPL-3.0 Nodejs
  • EtherCalc - Web spreadsheet. (Source CodeCPAL-1.0/Other Nodejs
  • EtherDraw - Intuitive collaborative drawing web based tool. Apache-2.0 Nodejs
  • Etherpad - Etherpad is a highly customizable Open Source online editor providing collaborative editing in really real-time. (DemoSource CodeApache-2.0 Nodejs
  • Infinoted - Server for Gobby, a multi-platform collaborative text editor. (Source CodeMIT C++
  • ONLYOFFICE - Office suite that enables you to manage documents, projects, team and customer relations in one place. (Source CodeAGPL-3.0 Nodejs
  • PHPOffice - PHPOffice contains libraries which permits to write and read files from most office suites. LGPL-3.0 PHP
  • WebODF - Tools and libraries to view and edit Open Document Format (ODF) files. (Source CodeAGPL-3.0 HTML5