Calendaring and Contacts Management

This is a list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Selfhosting is the process of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaS providers. ---from github/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted

CalDAV or CardDAV servers
  • Baïkal - Lightweight CalDAV and CardDAV server based on sabre/dav. (Source CodeGPL-3.0 PHP
  • CalendarServer - Apple, Inc.'s standards-compliant server implementing the CalDAV and CardDAV protocols shipped with macOS Server. (Source CodeApache-2.0 Python
  • calypso - Python-based CalDAV and CardDAV server, forked from Radicale. (Source CodeGPL-3.0 Python
  • DAViCal - Server for calendar sharing (CalDAV) that uses a PostgreSQL database as a data store. (Source CodeGPL-2.0PHP
  • EteSync Server - End-to-end encrypted and journaled personal information server supporting calendar and contact data, offering its own clients. (Source CodeAGPL-3.0 Python/Django
  • Radicale - Simple calendar and contact server with extremely low administrative overhead. (Source CodeGPL-3.0Python
  • SabreDAV - Open source CardDAV, CalDAV, and WebDAV framework and server. (Source CodeMIT PHP
  • Xandikos - Open source CardDAV, CalDAV and WebDAV server with minimal administrative overhead, backed by a Git repository. (Source CodeGPL-3.0 Python
CalDAV or CardDAV clients.
  • AgenDAV - Multilanguage CalDAV web client with a rich AJAX interface and shared calendars support. (Source CodeGPL-3.0 PHP
  • DAVDroid - Open-source CalDAV/CardDAV suite and sync app for Android. (Source CodeGPL-3.0 Java
  • InfCloud - Open source CalDAV/CardDAV web client implementation. (DemoSource CodeAGPL-3.0 Javascript
  • EteSync Web - EteSync's official Web-based client (i.e., their Web app). (DemoSource CodeAGPL-3.0 TypeScript